For the new age Digital Health practice, we are building AI capabilities for Radiologists to increase productivity and reduce time and cost for Patients.

At Neura Health, we are working on making Medical Imaging available to the world population who can’t either access it or afford it.

We are building innovative AI products for Healthcare Medical Imaging Industry particularly for COVID-19 and Breast Cancer prediction using Deep Learning Neural Network techniques. Our goal is to augment Radiologists with AI capability to increase their productivity and reduce cost for the patients. Our product seamlessly integrates with the existing clinical workflow and leverages client’s DICOM Router or DICOMWeb Plugin for transmission of Medical Images from Mammography Modality. 


How NeuraCovid Works?

Introducing NeuraCovid,  AI vision detection service to predict COVID-19 from Chest X-ray image or CT Scan.

The realtime AI service is a classification model built to classify with confidence score values as:

  • Normal
  • Pneumonia
  • COVID-19 

NeuraCovid is built using open source COVID-Net AI model.


Disclaimer: NeuraCovid is not yet approved by Food and Drug Administration (FDA) or any other Regulatory body. We are currently looking into the product’s regulatory requirements.


Introducing NeuraDetect,  AI vision detection service to detect breast density, BI-RADS classification and Breast Cancer findings from Mammography Images.

The realtime AI service is a classification model built to classify breast density as:

  • Class A (or 1): Fatty
  • Class B (or 2): Scattered fibroglandular density
  • Class C (or 3): Heterogeneously dense
  • Class D (or 4): Extremely dense

Screening BI-RADS Classification as 

  • BI-RADS 0: Need Additional Imaging
  • BI-RADS 1: Negative
  • BI_RADS 2: Benign

Breast Cancer Findings:

  • Benign
  • Malignant

It’s built to run on Cloud (GCP) and provide realtime AI detection service. The AI model for NeuraDetect is 95% accurate, is open sourced based on AI Models built at NYU and built on more than a Million Images. These Images have been annotated by world renowned Radiology experts.

The service is run on backend by an Inference Module and periodically detects incoming DICOMWEB store instance pushes from either a Modality, PACS or a DICOM router. After the detection is done by the Inference Module, the results are stored in DICOM Structured Report format in Cloud. The end result is provided to the Client.

NeuraDetect is Breast Density, BI-RADS classification and Breast Cancer finding AI solution using Deep Convolutional Neural Network on Mammography Images.

User can download Mammography Screening Report in pdf format.

How NeuraDetect Works?

Features of NeuraDetect



NeuraDetect is built on top of Google Healthcare Cloud and the solution is built as per Healthcare industry security standards


Breast Density Inference is done in realtime against AI model running on Inference Module built in GCP cloud

Open Source AI Models

Open Source AI Models are used for Inference built on datasets annnotated by expert radiologists.



Inference Module is built on open source AI Models with an Accuracy of upto 95%, equivalent to an expert Radiologist.

DICOM Conformance

Built per DICOM standards, the industry standard for storing and transferring Medical Imaging data



Solution is built using GCP Healthcare APIs following healthcare standards and regulations.

Disclaimer: NeuraDetect is not yet approved by Food and Drug Administration (FDA) or any other Regulatory body. We are currently looking into the product’s regulatory requirements.

About Us

Neura Health Inc is team of doctors, software engineers and data scientists working on building innovative AI products for Healthcare Medical Imaging Industry for COVID-19 and Breast Cancer detection using Deep Learning Neural Network techniques. 

Our goal is to build innovative AI products using latest IT tools available and augment Medical Professionals, Clinicians and Radiologists with AI capability to increase their productivity and reduce time and cost for the patients. The AI models are built using publicly available AI Models and Imaging datasets curated and annotated by world renowned Radiology experts. Our recent AI model is called NeuraCovid and is used to predict COVID-19 and Pneumonia classification from Chest X-ray Image. Our second AI model is called NeuraDetect and is used to detect breast density, screening BI-RADS and Breast Cancer classification from Mammography Images.

Our products seamlessly integrate with the existing clinical workflow and leverages client’s DICOM router for transmission of Medical Images from different modalities. Other Technologies being used are Google Cloud Platform’s Healthcare DICOMWeb APIs, Google Firebase Toolset  and AI Inference engine running on Kubernetes cluster. 

Meet The TEAM



Founder & CEO

Sanjay is responsible for guiding the Neura Health team and making strategic decisions around product and business development.

Before, Sanjay was at IQVIA as an Associate Director, Machine Learning Product Development team. He was responsible for building the data layer for IQVIA’s Ada Machine Learning Platform. Prior to that, he led a team at Capital One to transform and migrate Direct Bank’s data warehouse to AWS cloud. He has extensive experience working with data, cloud and machine learning tools.

He has done MS in  Chemical Engineering from Villanova University, USA and B. Tech from LIT, Nagpur University, India.



Medical Advisor

Dr. Copely is a Board Certified Fellowship Trained Diagnostic Radiologist who has practiced exclusively in the field of Breast Imaging for the last 15 of his 30 year career.

Following his association with the prestigious St. Luke’s Regional Breast Center in Bethlehem PA, Dr. Copely was appointed Director of Breast Imaging and Intervention at Ascension Health’s Borgess Hospital System as well as Assistant Clinical Professor of Radiology at the Homer Stryker M.D. School of Medicine in Kalamazoo, MI. He is certified in Breast MRI interpretation by the American College of Radiology. 

He received a B.S. with Honors from the University of Florida at Gainesville and his Medical Degree from Georgetown University School of Medicine in Washington DC; He spent 4 years completing a residency in Diagnostic Radiology at the University of Florida Shands Hospital, in Jacksonville FL followed by a fellowship in Interventional Radiology and Imaging at the University of Cincinnati OH

Contact Us



Neura Health


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3401 Market Street, Suite 200
Philadelphia, PA – 19104
Ph: +1 (610) 453 0321



4 RadhaKrishna Soc,

Manish Nagar, Nagpur MS – 440015


Ph: +91 (898) 303 2528

[email protected]
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Interested in joining a team of passionate, dedicated technologists and change the world of Healthcare using Artificial Intelligence? Want to explore the leading edge of AI, Machine Learning and Software Engineering while staying firmly focused on client’s needs? You might be a perfect fit for Neura Health.

We have listed all current openings below. If you don’t see anything that fits your skills, be sure to check back as we update this page with new opportunities when they become available:

Position: DICOM PACS Software Developer

Location: Nagpur, India


  • KEY SKILLS: – Digital Imaging and Communications in Medicine (DICOM),Picture Archiving and Communication System (PACS), .NET , C#.Net,, SQL Programming, HTML5, CSS3, , Javascript, XML and XSLT.
  • Thorough understanding of Object Oriented Design and Programming concepts and implementation using C#,
  • Microsoft .Net Technology specialist/professionals with hands on design and development experience.
  • Strong working knowledge of DICOM standard and PACS system.
  • Experience building DICOM based integrations for interoperability with imaging devices.
  • Familiar with other DICOM tools like DCMTK.
  • Excellent communication skills, both verbal and written and innovative thinking abilities.
  • Ability to work independently with minimal direction and the ability to multi-task and meet multiple deadlines.

Send your resume to [email protected] or apply here on


PACT, the Philadelphia Alliance for Capital and Technologies, today announced the eight finalists for the popular Demo Pit at Phorum 2020. Neura Health is proud to be one of the eight finalists.

Since the inaugural event, past winners have gone on to raise more than $65M in capital, and one third of the honorees have successfully completed exits to strategic acquirers. At Phorum 2019, Crossbeam took home the Phorum Phorward award for Best in Show.

The Demo Pit was created to allow startups to connect with C-level enterprise decision makers attending Phorum. As Phorum moves to a virtual format in 2020, the Demo Pit finalists will be highlighted throughout the Phorum Summer Series. In October, during the Phorum Keynote Series, the finalists will have four minutes to pitch their companies. The judges vote combined with the registrants’ vote will determine this year’s winner.

The details of the press release can be found here.

Neura Health is selected to be one of the 10 companies as part of India Cohort of Global Startup Accelerator (GSA) Program jointly organized by Welcoming Center for New Pennsylvanians and Science Center. The goal is to foster the global innovation ecosystem in Philadelphia.

The GSA started with 2 specific regions: in 2019, it was focussed on entry into the European marketplace and in 2020, its focussed on entry into the Indian Marketplace.

As part of the GSA program, Neura Health will have access to resources to Mentors, [email protected] facilities and resources from the Philadelphia’s startup ecosystem. [email protected] is a partnership between the Drexel and the Science Center. Its mission is to support technology commercialization through subsidized rent and resources to early-stage tech companies.

Neura Health is participating at the 4th Annual Global Artificial Intelligence Conference to be held at Santa Clara, CA on 21st-23rd Jan, 2020.

Global Big Data Conference’s vendor agnostic 4th Annual Global Artificial Intelligence(AI) Conference is held on January 21st, 22nd, & 23rd 2020 on all industry verticals(Finance, Retail/E-Commerce/M-Commerce, Healthcare/Pharma/BioTech, Energy, Education, Insurance, Manufacturing, Telco, Auto, Hi-Tech, Media, Agriculture, Chemical, Government, Transportation etc.. ). It will be the largest vendor agnostic conference in AI space. The Conference allows practitioners to discuss AI through effective use of various techniques.

Founder and CEO, Sanjay Khobragade is scheduled to speak at the event on 23rd Jan meant for talks related to AI applications in Healthcare domain. He is scheduled to talk on topic “AI for early detection of Breast Cancer“. He is also one of the panelists for the Keynote Panel:  AI Adoption In Healthcare: Real-World Use Cases scheduled on the same day. More Information about the Global AI conference and the event details can be found here.

Neura Health is selected to be one of the 12 startups to pitch at the Ai4 Healthcare Conference being held at New York City on Nov 11-12th, 2019.

Founder and CEO, Sanjay Khobragade will be speaking during the Startup Track at the conference about how NeuraDetect is able to detect breast density from Mammography Images using Artificial Intelligence and Deep Learning technology.

Learn more and apply to attend here: @Ai4 – Artificial Intelligence Conferences

Neura Health is selected among 100 startups out of more than 400 applications to showcase at the Malta Artificial Intelligence and Blockchain Summit to be held between 7-8 Nov, 2019.

Over 100 startups will be selected to showcase their products and initiatives throughout the event. Startups based in AI, Blockchain, Quantum Tech, Big Data, and IoT will each have a small booth at Malta AI & Blockchain Summit surrounded by top investors and mentors, being invited to lavish networking dinners as well as benefitting from online exposure. However, the AI Startup pitch is only open to AI startups and the judges’ top ten will make it to the pitch stage during the final leg of the Summit.  Expect the competition to be fierce with so many investors to impress!

More Information about the AI Startup Pitch Event at the Malta AIBC conference can be found here.